Monday, 25 February 2008

Time to Start Radio Campaign for Free Burma


This blogger has posted variety and numerous posts in this web-log. Almost all were telling readers how bad was the Military Junta of Burma, how Burmese people suffers under the Dictatorial regime, and statements of the pro democracy movements and news of ongoing campaign against the Military Junta.

However, this blogger feels that it would be very lucky if these posts are read by one percent of Burmese people staying inside the country. This blogger who is a Burmese, however unable to type in Burmese language fast enough to create a post.So, What are the numbers of my own countrymen received this blogger’s message? It will be very insignificant.

There are wonderful young and energetic Burmese bloggers who have been posting very relevant and interesting opinion in Burmese language .

Military Junta has effectively blocked the work of most famous Burmese bloggers ( Arrest of Burmese blogger Nay Phone Latt, Burmese poet Ko Saw Way and recent arrest of Myanmar Nation’s journalists were systematic attack to Free Press and Internet Blogs by terror and fear.

At the same time Junta has declared referendum to be started by May,2008. This is also well planned and calculated attack to pro democracy movement. All of us out here understand that “this referendum” is going to be a sham. However Burmese people are at gun point, and it will be very difficult for them not to follow Junta’s orders as their utmost priority will be to survive the every single harsh day.

For them, Rambo is easy to understand than referendum. Constitution of Burma, which is so vital for future Burma may be something difficult to understand. ( I am well aware of existence of awakened Burmese in rural area) Majority of Burmese are farmers and from rural areas with so much difficulty for day to day survival.

Only way this blogger could think of is that the information relating referendum and constitution to be spread among the Burmese people through radios. The recent news of Burmese from Korea donated radios to Burmese people at border is a very significant move for freedom of Burma.

Now, DVB, RFA, which are run by exile Burmese groups should increase the radio campaign, with simple and straight forward news and programs about importance of referendum and constitution. These program should be started as soon as possible.

We should seek help from VOA,BBC, Aljazeera and CNN to get more news coverage of Burma and more slot of live discussions about freedom of Burma. These program should be able to download from Internet locally and must be able to distribute with Burmese subtitle in pirated VCDs. ( If Burmese can put Korean Movie with Burmese sub title there is no reason that we are unable to add subtitle to these useful discussions which is for urban population)

This blogger feels that this is the high time to start radio campaign for free Burma, as radios are cheap, easily available for majority of Burmese staying in rural area of Burma.

Let us start the Radio campaign for Free Burma.

Sit Mone

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