Sunday, 14 June 2009

How Swann Arr Shin (Swine Militia) Are Employed By SPDC

NEJ / 11 June 2009

Some of the methods, used by State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) to crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in the city of Rangoon have been revealed. A man, who participated in the crackdown programme told the New Era Journal how the police forces and Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) militia members are systematically used to control and arrest pro democracy protesters.

“On the day of the events, the leader, who has been appointed by USDA would come around to where we live to collect us in a pickup truck. We are told to sit up straight without any expression on our faces. We just ride around, wherever we are driven. We get paid K 2000 (about US$ 2) for that.”

“We were told that if there are some protesters or there is someone they want to arrest, or to beat or harrass, then the fees will be up from K10,000 to 20,000. We are allowed to use force in any way we want.”

“The rules in the pick-up truck are simple. No speaking, no questions. We are not to ask about each other. We have been assured that we will not be held responsible for any of our actions and that we will never be arrested by police. When the time is up for the day, we will be taken back to our roads, with K 2000 guaranteed.”

The man also went on to say that the pickup truck would go around to many different areas but never pick up more than 2 people from any one quarter. Different people are being carried around each time so there is little chance of them recognizing each other.

Sometimes, the collection time is at night, when they have to practice the drills. Recently, U Wisara Road and Myaenegon Road were sealed off for the drill at mid-night.

The truck drivers have less choice. One truck driver told the NEJ that they are being organized by traffic police and USDA members. The USDA official would sit in the passenger seat and give the driver instructions. The driver is not supposed to ask any question.

“The first stop is always to report at a police station. Then we have to either cover up the number plates or remove them. After that we just have to drive from one quarter to another to collect different people. Once the truck is full, the boss in the front seat would tell me where to go and when to stop. I just have to follow instructions, without complaint.”

The drivers’ fees is K 30,000 a day. If a driver refuses to do his round, then his driving license will be confiscated.

The SPDC military government have been using the same tried and tested crackdown method well before the September Revolution , right the way through present time and every time they succeeded in defeating the peaceful demonstrators.

People who sit at the back of the pickup trucks and ride around the city are know as Swann Arr Shin (The Swine Militia). They are hand-picked and selected by the local USDA members, who then train and pay to do the casual jobs. A ‘swine’ is usually jobless, and a gambler or a criminal.

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