Tuesday, 11 March 2008

20th Anniversay of Burma’s Human Rights Day

Twenty years ago, on 13th March 1988, the peaceful demonstration of Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT) students was brutally cracked down by the ruling authorities, Burmese Socialist Programme Party (BSPP) government led by General Ne Win who took the power by armed might on 2nd March, 1962.

The deaths of RIT students Maung Phone Maw (inside the campus on that day) and Maung Soe Naing (on March 15 in hospital) by gunshots were followed by a mass demonstration on the street led by students of higher education on 16th March 1988. The demonstration was again brutally cracked down by government’s troops, resulting in the deaths of innocent students and hundreds of students in prison .

The student blood was shed on the streets and around the White-Bridge - about 500 meters away from the Rangoon University (main campus) - beside the Inya Lake. (Later then the White-Bridge is called as the Red-Bridge). Another demonstration on 17th March 1988 culminated in the deaths of many students, mainly in closed conveyances used to truck the arrested students to the Insein prison. since then, March 13 has been commemorated as Burma’s Human Rights Day.

(Original source : Burma Digest)


Invitation to 20th Anniversary of Burma Human Rights Day

13th March 2008 is 20th Anniversary of Burma's Human Rights Day. We, Burmese Democratic Movement Association – UK (BDMA-UK) is holding a commemoration with the program below. Therefore we would like to invite you to come and show your solidarity with us.

(1) Offering food and alms to monks dedicating Phone Maw and to those who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for Burma's freedom.
- Brief Presentation about Signature Campaign for all political prisoners in Burma.

Date - Thursday 13th March 2008
Time - Between 10:00 - 12:00
Venue - London Vihara (Wembley)
1 Old Church Lane
London NW9 8TG
Tel: 02082006898

(NB - If you would like to bring your own prepared food, it will be helpful to feed all the participants)

(2) Masked Demonstration (Mask of Phone Maw will be provided)

Date - Thursday 13th March 2008

Time - 15:00 to 16:00

Place - In front of the Burmese Military Regime Embassy
19A Charles Street, London, W1J 5DX


For more info: 07762094562

We look forward to seeing you.



Please click for an invitation for residents in Thailand, Singapore and the USA.

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