Monday, 31 March 2008

Some Antiphonal Chants For The Water Festival

(Amusing and satirical – sung to the accompaniment of drums on festive occasions

The lead recites, lead lines to which a group respond , in chorus)

Lead : Is there any rain ..boys ?

Chorus: Is there any storm ..girls?

Lead: The Sun and the Moon are competing …

Chorus: Lord Sakka himself will be saving Daw Su (Aung San Su Kyi) .

Lead: The blood of the fighting peacock is so vividly red…

Chorus: Standing tall right in front of the public. (to protect or lead)

Lead : The military we inherit from our General (Aung San) …

Chorus: Is not to kill the people of Burma.

Lead: Aren’t you a tiny bit embarrassed …

Chorus : To bully the defenceless public ?

Lead: While Than Shwe’s daughter is covered in diamonds …

Chorus: The rest of the country is dying of starvation.

Lead: President of China Hu Jintao....

Chorus: Is the leader of the colonization.

Someone's sucking Burma’s blood …

Chorus: It is the Hu Jintao of China.

Lead: The PM of Thailand has shameless face…

Chorus: Who doesn’t flinch when telling fibs.

Lead : All the generals support the Olympics

Chorus: Which is certain to get bad reputation.

Lead: China’s got them by the balls…..

Chorus: Generals will do anything to please them all.

Lead: The UN and the Security Council …

Chorus: A million visits but nothing happens.

If we are afraid of the machine guns…

Chorus: There wouldn’t have been any protest.

Lead: Beating with the police batons…

Chorus: Make us laugh, make us laugh.

Lead: Su Su Nwe possesses tremendous courage…

Chorus: Who never stops smiling , even in prison.

Phu Phu Thin is the queen of hearts ….

Chorus: Who missed the funeral of her father.

Lead: Nilar Thein , the iron lady ..

Chorus: Who simply ignores the husband and the baby.

Interpretation by Nay Chi U
Original source : Democratic Voice of Burma

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