Sunday, 6 September 2009

Furious Colnel Had A Go At Civilians

All the residents in Paya Thone Zu, the border town near Moulmein, knew that Commander Lt-Col Kin Zaw of LIB 32 was not a very happy man. He recently lost a dozen of his men including 2 Lieutenants. So, what's so amazing about losing some soldiers? The most embarrassing and annoying fact that Kin Zaw had to face was that his men were not killed in a battle while fighting bravely against some ethnic minority insurgents. Nor did they die of swine flu. It wasn't even the HIV Aids that caused their death. How Kin Zaw wished that it was!

During the second week of last July, Lt Ko Ko Lwin, Second Lt Tay Lwin and 10 other soldiers decided to desert the most powerful army in South East Asia to migrate to Thailand.

The furious Kin Zaw, who must do something to explain this embarrassing situation to his senior officers, obviously ran out of any other idea, before deciding to arrest a woman, Daw Kin Kywe,45, of Paya Thone Zu, who was reported to have aided the deserters.

At about 1pm , on 24th July, all other 18 known human traffickers in the area were also summoned to the township PDC office where they were given lectures on health and education before being sent to Bayintnaung Gone, the base of LIB 32 where they were seen by Lt-Col Kin Zaw.

Kin Zaw then told them," You human traffickers ! We can arrest and imprison you anytime. Don't you dare aiding or accepting any of our troop in the future !", before asking them to sign the documents.

According to the reports, the 12 deserters were now in Thailand, working in a secure place.

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