Thursday, 8 May 2008

Cyclone News

Original source : Golden Colour Revolution

Gadon, Amar, Main Ma Hla Kyun (Pretty woman Island) , Day Da Ye’ , Hpyar Pone, Maw la Myaing Kyun, Kyone Kyatt, Kyike latt, Myin Ka Kone, Kyone Daw, Kyike Hto, Kyike Htaw, Nga Yote Kaung and Thin Kyaung villages still don’t have dead and missing list. Relatives are desperately trying to find them.

Floating dead bodies have been sighted at the mouths of River Kyone Kyatt and River Bo Ka Lay which flow into the Bay of Bengal.

The water supply has been restored in Yan Kin area , Rangoon

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