Thursday, 8 May 2008

Than Shwe Is Not Here But Kyaing Kyaing , The Wife Was In Rangoon

It is now 6 days after the fatal Cyclone Nargis struck Southern Burma, killing an estimated 600,000 people with 100,000 more missing, feared dead. And yet Than Shwe, the Supreme General and the head of State, still has to make his royal appearance. Obviously the death of over half a million people and the starvation of another 2 or 3 millions (and possibly many more if you count the rest of the country) is not in the list of important issues for Than Shwe and his heard of hyenas and thugs.

However, Kyaing Kyaing, wife of the country’s leading thug was reported to have had an annoying moment, when the power supply was cut off at the place she was staying in Rangoon on Saturday, after the cyclone. Dutiful soldiers from the ‘people’s army’ and engineers had to rush to save Kyaing Kyaing from suffering and discomfort, by restoring the electricity supply immediately.

The rest of the city and the country live on in the dark, as they have done for the last 50 years.

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