Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Junta Tries To Stick Their Backsides To The Throne

The Junta of Burma, known as SPDC or Na Aa Pa is trying their best to hang on to the power by refusing to issue visa to the international aid agencies.

The death toll is rapidly rising to 100,000 and millions have been left in desperate need of shelter, clean water and food.

The international community is ready but are struggling to deliver emergency supplies.

All that the government of Burma has to do is to issue ‘Visa On Arrival’ as most disaster- struck countries could have done.

However, Than Shwe and his follower thugs, in the name of government, can not just easily do things like that.

For them, foreigners, especially from the west, are just a threat to their power. They come with news and reports that reflect the true situation of everything and anything. And that ‘truth’ is something that the junta cannot face as they have too much to cover up – the murders, the tortures, the rapes, the robberies, the theft – endless crimes they have committed during their seemingy endless rule.

Giving permission to foreigners to come in, even though it is to save the lives of millions of people, means a threat to the junta’s own safety and security.

So now, thousands of dying and injured people, hungry children , cold and miserable mothers and weakening older people will have to wait patiently for international aid to arrive, while Than Shwe and his thugs continue to enjoy luxury and hold meetings on how to continue to cover their own backsides.

(Inspired by the comment in Golden Colour Revolution)

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