Monday, 2 March 2009

Could This Be Kyi Kyi Shwe ?

(Kyi Kyi Shwe (a) Ma Aou ? )

(Aye Aye Thit Shwe ?)

One can't help but keep on wondering which of these heavily made-up, over confident looking ladies with unusual dress sense are called Kyi Kyi Shwe or Aye Aye Thit Shwe. But then, these ladies are not the usual common folks. They are the daughters of the Supremo Than Shwe, the most secretive military dictator in modern history.

Five girls and 3 boys were produced between the top dog Than Shwe and his Queen Bee Kyaing Kyaing although rumours said it that the oldest boy Kyaing San Shwe was the result of Kyaing Kyaing’s previous marriage.

Then the girls hit the headlines when the extravagant wedding video clips were leaked on YouTube in 2006. Inevitably Thandar Shwe , the bride has become the most recognizable face of the Junta’s era.

Still, there are some unanswered questions:

Who is Khin Pyone Shwe , who is reputed to have dated the sycophant Tay Za and then said to have been courted by Maung Waik , the Burmese tycoon?

Who is Kyi Kyi Shwe, whose estranged gay husband Lt-Col Nay Soe Maung (a retired army doctor) is attempting to obtain a US visa to visit Harvard University ?

And who is the second daughter who made US 200 million dollars by selling Burma’s land to Chinese tycoons?

In December 2008, however, the public was blessed with the royal appearance of some members of the dynastic family at a state function and according to Irrawady, the two ladies are definitely Khin Pyone Shwe and Dewar Shwe.

That leaves us with only 2 more daughters to identify – Kyi Kyi Shwe and Aye Aye Thit Shwe. And here, we will have to refer back to the famous wedding videos of the century again. If you watch the YouTube wedding video 14/24 very carefully, you would be able to spot a young man bending over one of the ladies.

If that young man could be the famous Nay Shwe Thwe Aung, who was complaining to his mother about US 5000/- , the daily pocket money she had just gaven him wasn’t quite sufficient for him any more, then , ”Bingo”. We only need to find out who the second daughter is !

Goldie Shwe

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