Sunday, 11 November 2007

Martyr U Maung Ko

On 9th October, 1990, U Maung Ko, leader of Human Resources department, NLD party, Tenassarym State and also a General Secretary of Seaport Workers' Union, died after being tortured to dead at Ye Kyi Aing torture hell camp for 17 days. He was 54. His body was sent to Rangoon General Hospital where the heart broken family had a chance to see it. 'There was an enormous dent on his forehead. The neck was full of scars and one leg was just a broken pieces,' said a friend who attended the funeral.

Saw Maung, the junta official issued a statement saying, ' We never do such thing as torturing , to arrested people. The dead man just admitted all their acts and plans, and then committed suicide by hanging himself with a blanket. It was nothing to do with us.'

An intelligent man, U Maung Ko served as a Manager for Seaport Coperation until 1986, during which time he won many scholarship trainings to UK, Norway, Germany and Sweden. After witnessing how other democratic countries developed successfully, he was determined to bring the democracy to Burma, his beloved mother country, even if it was going to cost him his life. Please see here for his photo and full report.

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