Sunday, 25 November 2007

The True Sons Of Lord Buddha - A Letter From Naychiu

To Your Highness Noble Monks

You have shocked the world by standing up for the poor public. You had 2 choices : Carry on as life is normal in Burma, ignore the poor people, say yes to whatever junta ask and accept all the goodies they offer OR stand up for the public to prove the world that junta is terrorising the country. You chose the latter, knowing the penalty will be death, torture and imprisonment. You are true Buddha's sons. You gave up your lives for the better lives of others. We and the whole world have highest respect for your love of human beings and the incredible courage. The courage that no other society has ever seen before. Buddha and any other respectible Gods would have given you the highest possible ranking order, in live or in death, with or without passing any exam.

Your Respectful Pupil

Nay Chi U

[Monk group calls for exam boycott Nov 23, 2007 (DVB)�The Representative Monks Association has called on student monks not to participate in their annual examinations, in a statement issued yesterday.]

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