Tuesday, 6 November 2007

An open letter to Tycoon U Tay Za

( Myanmar tycoon blacklisted by US attacks sanctions. Click here for full report. )
Dear U Tay Za
I totally agree with you that the wrongful sanctions will hurt working people of Burma. What those working people need is a good sorting out of the rooted problems of political and economical situations in the country. If you just read this article only, then you will know what those problems are that causing all this trouble in Burma and unless those problems are sorted out, the country will sink deeper still as the majority of people live in poverty. The worst nightmare for everyone from Burma is that one in three children are chronically undernourished in Burma. How did we let them down? Unlike some countries in Africa, Burma supposed to be full of natural resources and fertile soil. Where are they all gone? Who is responsible for those starving children? Is there any person with rightful mind, who can still be happy and enjoy good life, after seeing those starving images ? Is there anyone who sleeps well when you know that Burma has the worst human right records in the world? Dear U Tay Za, if you are talking about Burma as if you know exactally how to handle it, then just do it and be a true hero by saving our sick and hungry children.

Daw Nay Chi U

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