Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Girls On Top

Supreme Leader Than Shwe might be working his bottom off to convince the world that he, after killing several thousand monks and people, is actually a true Buddhist but his cunning efforts seemed to have ended up in the worst possible place for any highly honoured man – the girls toilet.

On the morning of Friday 14 August, the Year 9 girls of No 8, State Girls’ High School, Mandalay were summoned to the hall where they were all given stern warning by the head, for sticking letters containing less than respectful writing about the country’s Supreme Leader, General Than Shwe.

“ The Royal Great Granddad “ (sarcastic way to call someone who is powerful) , “ Dog Shit” , “Hope you can still rule from your own coffin” , etc. were written on papers, then stuck on the toilet walls.

“ Oh, we got told off alright. It took the whole morning. The entire school got quite excited. Still, no one knows who did it.”


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