Monday, 10 August 2009

The Towns That Terrify The Authorities Most

Insein, Yangon

"There are 22 quarters in Insein. Each and every quarter is thick with 2000 strong security forces made up of police, local PDC, Fire forces and criminals who come straight out of prisons."
(06.08.09 Yoma 3)

Sittwe, Boothee Daung, Kyauktaw, Taungok and Thandwe , Rakhine State

Western Commander Maj-Gen Thaung Aye, has issued orders that these towns to be put under surveillance with round-the-clock report.

Rakhine, being one of the top anti-military government states, the security force that was placed in the capital city Sittwe since the 2007 Golden Colour Revolution has never been removed. (08.08.09 Narinjara)

Chauk, Magwe

"Posters were all over the town. They were Aung San Suu Kyi's pictures with 'Release" written underneath. "

"All the police officials were arrested, for being unaware of those posters"

"Every monastery has at least 15 security officials watching. They are also everywhere in town, especially by the gates. Anyone who comes in from Pakoku, Salin is thoroughly searched." (09.08.09 Yoma3)


The A4 leaflets, which read," Our Spirits Live On" and "Remember 06-08-88, Bago's Bloody Day" were scattered all over the town. (05.08.09 Mizzima)

Moulmain, Mudon, Thanbyu Zayat, Ye'

"It is the Rector's order : all the lecturers and tutors must watch the movement of the Uni students. Anyone who has Mon tradional outfit and in groups must be stopped. Any problem which occurs within the University estate would be the responsibility of the staff."

All the local PDC chairs in Mudon were summoned to attend the security meeting , organised by the military .

Extra security forces were positioned at the gate of Moulmein Polytechnic and also along the road to Thanbyu Zayat.

"Travellers ID cards were all checked at the gates of Moulmein and Mudon. Travellers from Ye' to Moulmein faced a toughter security check." (08.08.09 Mon news - imna)

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