Monday, 24 August 2009

Where Is Mar Mar Aye ?

August 15, 5 pm Chobin Gauk, Bago

Mar Mar Aye, 46, member of NLD Party was taken from home by 3 police officers and another man. They told her that the chairman of the Township PDC wanted to see her. Mar Mar Aye had apparently been seen talking to a monk in a teashop, a few days earlier.

August 16, 2 pm

A police officer came to search the house of Mar Mar Aye and confiscated a jacket with a Daw Aung San Suu Kyi sticker and a copy of the Human Rights press release by United Nations.

August 17, 2 pm Zeegone Court

Mar Mar Aye was accused of a political act (action 5/nya - j) and sentenced to 3 years with hard labour.

Deputy Police Officer Tun Kyi and Police Sargeant Thein Lwin, Zeegone Police Station

They drove Mar Mar Aye, who fainted in the court room, to Zeegone Hospital, where she was treated for 25 minutes.

August 17 , 2:45 pm

Mar Mar Aye was taken in a police car to Paung Dair prison.

U Win Aung, In-Charge, Zeegone Police Station

He denied the police involvement in transporting Mar Mar Aye (to prison).

Her family members did not know anything about the court hearing , sentencing or her whereabouts. She has one son who is 11.

When the family members went to Paung Dair prison to look for her, they were told that she wasn't there.

Mar Mar Aye's 80 year old mother is desperately trying to locate her daughter.

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