Friday, 4 April 2008

Junta’s Way Of Persuading Yes Voters

Original Source : Arzarni Blog
Comments by Goldie Shwe

It is not often that a minister of junta’s government is bothered to meet some people who are not going to be crucial in his promotion or prolonging of his dear post.

So when the owners and responsible personnel from the timber industry, Hlaing Tharyar, Rangoon were summoned to meet the Minister of Forestry on 1st April 2008, it is not so difficult to imagine the anxiety and curiosity they must be feeling. “Did we do something wrong?” “No, it can’t be. Any wrong doing with junta wouldn’t have the honour of meeting the local authority, let alone the minister.” “But then, why did he want to see us? Are we important to him ?

Yes, guys, you are quite important to him. Why ? Because he wants you, all your employees and staff from your factories to vote ‘yes’ in the forthcoming referendum.

The minister, most kindly, even explained why they should vote ‘yes’ :

-If you vote ‘yes’, then the ruling power will be handed over to the civilian government (what he meant was that the generals will remove their stiff military uniforms and put on the civilian outfits instead)

-If you vote ‘No’, then the present military junta will still rule the country (they will not discard their military uniforms)

-There is absolutely no intention of handing over the power to any other organization (now you are talking, minister!)

-The junta will be rewriting another brand new constitution again, no matter how long it takes (it took 18 years for the current one )

-If the public is unhappy and try to protest, the junta will use all possible methods to crush them (at last, the junta is telling the truth. Ban Ki Moon may want to have a look into this, before he sends Gambari to Burma again)

Finally, the minister concluded the meeting with this message, “By the way, I was ordered to tell you all this by my superiors” !

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