Friday, 4 April 2008

Olympic Torch Protest London 6th April

Dear friend

This Sunday protest against China’s support for the Burmese regime as the Olympic Torch comes to London:

Date: This Sunday - 6th April
Time: 12:30-1:30
Location: Opposite Downing Street, at junction of Whitehall and Richmond Terrace, Map:
Nearest Tube: Westminster
See the location here
On Sunday the Burma Campaign UK and the Burmese community will be highlighting China’s continued support for Burma’s brutal regime by holding
a peaceful protest as the Olympic Torch comes to London.

Why China?
China arms the regime, supplying weapons, bullets and military vehicles to the brutal army.
China finances the regime , by signing deals in the oil, gas, hydro-electric and mining sectors china provides the regime with an economic lifeline.
China protects the regime by blocking UN Security Council action on Burma

By providing economic, political and logistical support China is helping to keep the brutal generals in power in Burma.

Join us this Sunday at 12:30. The torch only passes once so make sure you get there on time!
See the location here.

All the best and thanks for your support.

Anna Roberts
The Burma Campaign UK


jutta said...

hope you raise the peacockflag,I,m proud of Burmese OK


VMM said...

where is the map please.

Goldie Shwe said...

Sorry vmm. The map is now linked properly.

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