Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Shwe Mann And Family

Burma's Ruling Junta And Their Families Who Are Responsible For The Country's Situation

State Peace and Development Council

1 Shwe Mann (Thura) General , Chief of Staff, Coordinator of Special Operations (Army, Navy and Air Force) - DOB 11.07.1947

2 Khin Lay Thet , Wife of Shwe Mann - DOB. 19.06.47

3 Aung Thet Mann a.k.a Shwe Mann Ko Ko, Son of Shwe Mann, Ayeya Shwe War Company - DOB 19.06.1977

4 Khin Hnin Thandar, Wife of Aung Thet Mann

5 Toe Naing Mann Son of Shwe Mann - DOB 29.06.1978

6 Zay Zin Lat, Wife of Toe Naing Mann; Daughter of Khin Shwe - DOB. 24.03.1981

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