Thursday, 3 April 2008

Time To Reclaim “Blood Debt” – Vote “NO”

2 April 2008

Original Source : Golden Colour Revolution
Translation by Nay Chi U

In Rangoon, groups of young people were reported to be distributing leaflets containing an exhortation to vote “No” in the junta’s referendum in May.

Some areas in Rangoon, including Burma Pharmaceutical Institution, Institute of Technology, leisure parks and gardens saw the flyers appearing during the evenings and early mornings. “The Best Fertilizers”, a group, who claimed to be responsible for the action, said they managed to distribute an estimated 1000 leaflets.

The message on the leaflets reads, “You killed the monks who we deeply value and respect. You washed your feet with the blood of your own citizens. You also killed the students – the offspring of the citizens. We are going to show the world how intensely we hate and execrate you. ‘No’ vote is our weapon. We have 50 million people.”

“It is time for everyone to join hands.”

“Let us march to the polling station.”

“This is the chance for revenge”

“To reclaim our ‘blood debt’ – Vote NO”

U Ain Da, the spokesman for “The Best Fertilizers” said,” We are just exhorting the public to vote ‘No’. The reason? The junta’s draft constitution is just the reinforcement and confirmation of the long term future of the junta. It is nothing to do with the development of the country or improving the lives of the public. To expose this evil and transparent deception, the public must vote ‘No’. The world must recognise that they are nothing but a hated illegal government.”

According to the distributors, some people read them, some passed them on while some were too scared to read.

“The Best Fertilizers” organization, which consists of active youths, students, young monks and civilians, announces that they are resolute to make sacrifices on behalf of the public.

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