Thursday, 24 April 2008

A Single Copy Of Draft Constitution At London Embassy But You Can’t Read Or Photocopy It

It is reported that the Burmese Embassy in London possesses a single copy of the controversial draft constitution. However none of the Burmese residents in the UK are allowed to see, read or photocopy it.

That means the Burmese expatriates who are supposed to be voting for the referendum in less than 48 hours have not got a clue what they are voting for.

The unavailability of the draft constitution copy has also created suspicion which added disbelief in junta’s statement of it being democratic and justified.

U Nay Win, the Ambassador kindly explained that the free voting system has been arranged so that people should be assured of freely expressing their genuine desire – ‘yes’ or ‘no’- without having to worry about anything else. He also said that any possible assistance would be arranged by the embassy.

However when one of the staff called U Soe Myint was contacted for a copy of the draft constitution he said that it wasn’t quite available, just yet, as the referendum has been arranged in advance for oversea Burmese, so that all the votes could be sent back securely to Burma in time for the national voting day – 10 May.

When asked if there would be any press conference concerning the much publicized draft constitution, he replied, “There won’t be any because the rooms here are not really big enough to hold such public gatherings.”!

Original Source : Ko Htike

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