Thursday, 2 July 2009

PDC and USDA Members Kill Citizen

19 June 2009

At around 7 pm, members of Peace and Development Council and Union of Solidarity and Development Association, Quarter No 1, Pathein , Irrawaddy arrested two youths who embarked on the jetty as the engine of the boat they were on broke.

"The authority then sent one of the youth to fetch the K 6000 fine. When the youth came back the next day, with the money to redeem his friend, the PDC and USDA members told him that they released him. He went home, couldn't find his friend there so he came back to town to look for him again. Eventually he found his friend's body on 21 June."

"The body was in a pool of blood. Back of the head was completely smashed. A batton was found next to the body too. We are still trying to get the names of the murderers. When the boys were arrested it was by quite a few groups including PDC and USDA members. We have opened the case at the police station."

As the youth was dead during the interrogation sessions in the hands of the authority, the officers from Athe' Gyi police station have done nothing.

The youth, beaten to death by the authority was called Balashin (a) Aung Tun, who lived at Sein Gone Extended Quarter (9). His battered body was found in Quarter (1) between the Ice Factory and the Salt Factory.

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