Friday, 28 December 2007

We Will Fight Back Against Anarchy, Reign Of Terror And Lawlessness

December 26, 2007
Original report by Aye Nai, DVB

The authority used force and violance to arrest the public who were peacefully protesting for the over inflated fuel price, then consequently detained and prosecuted 5 people. Vice versa, the accused are going to take the authority to court, it is reported.

Ko Than Myint Zaw, Ko San Win, Ko Thant Zin Myo, Ko Kyaw Soe Win, all from Hlaing Thar Yar and a man from Hle' Dan, Rangoon , were all arrested while staging the peaceful demostration against the much increased fuel price in Hle' Dan , Kamaryut , while they were terrorised and arrested. They are all prosecuted against the Section of an Act (2) and will be put on trial on 31st December, according to the family members. They are also being accused of violating the law, Section of an Act 505 (b) ; Behaving, planning, plotting, intending and stimulating to disturb and destroy the peace and tranquility of the State and/or the government, Section of an Act 147; Struggling, fighting and creating chaotic situation. If found guilty, they can be sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for each act.

'A lawer and a police official informed us of the court hearing in Kamaryut Magistrate court on 31st December,' said U Tin Yu, father of Ko Than Zaw Myint, who went to visit his sons in Insein Prison today.

'None of the laws were transgressed by the boys. Nobody was trying to commit the crime of lese-majesty. It was completely erroneous. The chaotic situation was only created by the violent aggression towards the peaceful protesters, by the authority. We are going to hire the lawyers for them. We are going to defend their innocence,' said U Tin Yu.

Although they were told about the case being heard in Kamaryut Magistrate court, there is also a possibility that the hearing could be held, privately, inside the Insein prison, so the father is vowed to wait at the prison gate every morning.

On the day of the violent arrest, the peacefully protesting civilians were attacked by so called public, a group made up of Swun Arr Shin (power rangers), Kyant Put (public developers) and local authority, who used force aggressively to arrest them.

'We have proof and evidence of their use of violent force to arrest people, which is against the law. We will take them to court. We are going to expose them, officially. They have no right to arrest people. They had no warrants. We have photos of my sons being punched, being dragged into a truck and also a convoy of trucks surrounding people and beating them. They were not the nomal arrest. They were most violent acts. As they were throwing people into the trucks, they just punched them with the iron fists,' siad U Tin Yu.

'They called themselves people of citizens. However, they are just thugs and gangsters. It was just a lawlessness. They are the ones who are being taken to court. They have no right to arrest. If my sons were staging a protest and the authority wanted to detain them it should be security guards, proper police or the secret agents. This anarchy and the reign of terror is causing the whole country to suffer. We are going to inform all these lawlessness to the State and the government, including the Senior General Than Shwe,' he said.

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