Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Please Respect SPDC's Generosity

The most successful magician couldn't have done a better trick,
Look! Everyone ! We have just released,
All those people who had been in custody,
Eight thousand prisoners altogether,
No other government could have been kinder,
Or shown greater generosity.

All the ones who were serving long or short terms,
Murderers, rapists, thugs and hooligans,
Robbers , pickpockets, louts and conmen,
Fraudsters, swindlers, yobs and thieves,
You name them, we release them,
Just to prove our kindness and amnesty.

But not those who shouted out 'Dout-A-Yei' so loudly,
Or somethings like, 'freedom' and 'democracy',
Oh, No, they will all have to serve the life sentence.
We can't release them, we just can't do that,
Because it was clearly their own choice,
To stay just there,right inside.

How about earning a little favour from the Kingdom of Thailand !
Here you go, all those Thai prisoners,
Only just remember , our friend and ally,
Natural gas buyer, our biggest customer,
To kick back all those refugee beggars,
Who seem to be enjoying freedom at the border.

Oh Gosh! Yes, we do release the political prisoners too,
And the numbers are adding up to the big TWENTY, in grand total,
Just try to see how generously we do,
Goodness ! Oh, No Way !
We do not keep some pregnant ladies in jail !
That's how we show our tender love and care.
The true gentlemanlike behaviour,
Which should be officially declared.

How about the old disabled father of that monk?
Well, if we don't release him, we could be given sticks, that's for sure, ha, ha ...
Ah... Let us count quite accurately,
One, two, three, four ...hmm .. altogether it is around 0.23% , you see?
Not bad, huh ...that means ,
Two people could be released, out of a thousand, exactly.

What happened to those eight thousands released criminals?
Sure, we look after them well.
In deed, being such an honourable government,
We can't stand the unemployment.
So , here is our little scheme,
Come fill the foms for the job vacancies.
Job Title : Power Ranger,
Salary : Handsomely paid in US dollars,
Duty : Easy ! Just smash the monks' heads, who happen to be stupid walkers.

Quite certainly and most definitely,
We do need to fill the empty cells of those prisons immediately,
Why, we now have all those power rangers to take our orders,
Just get those who keep shouting 'basic human rights and freedom',
Damn bloody marchers !
As if there's nothing better to do,
Some monks' prayers for the country's peace and stability !
What the hell are they talking about?
All of them must be bloody fools.

Get everyone who dares to offer water to those parading monks,
Not to forget those who released the fish,
Or anyone who gathered for political rubbish,
Any idiot with a piece of scrap paper in hand,
Techno maniacs with mobile phones or an internet access,
And a video cam.

Just go and kick open all those front doors,
Grab anyone who wrote down anything which includes the words ' Aung' and ' San',
There is no need of the arrest paper, called 'warrant',
You do not need it , if those dimwits are watching or listening to the liars' programme,
BBC, DVB, VOA or anything that could be so stupid.
And don't forget to get those bitches,
Who watch the YOUTUBE's greatest gossip,
How dare they even try to look at ,
Those stolen diamonds of our number one's favourite kid.

Go on, stuff all those animals in prison, and be quick,
How dare they think they could even dream of the treason!
Just give them some bloody good lessons,
So as to teach others, never repeating.
Do they think we call ourselves SPDC/Junta for nothing?
All these chest medals we are wearing,
Were given to us by the man himself, the devil king,
To commemorate our work,
Which has been so outstanding.

Oh, Yes, we have also done the training in acting,
Which we passed with colours and they are all flying,
If you really want to be the world's famous leaders,
You do need to look pretty cheerful , kind and generous ,
Just like the Hollywood actors.

We will have to go to hell for doing this?
What nonsense!
To be frank, hell is a long way after your death,
And while we are just here, right now,
It is far more important ,
To be wealthy and powerful at present.

We just say Pooh! Pooh!,
To the word 'embarrassment' too,
There is nothing to be ashamed of,
Providing we can be imperious and well-off.
There is never a bone in the tongue,
So when that boneless tongue has a lttle slip,
A flea could easily become a tortoise,
And a nuclear reactor might well be a cooking pot,
Believe it or not.

Just go butcher all those monks, young and old,
Students? Just stuff them all in the cells,
And don't worry about separating male, female things.
Senior or junior, as long as they call themselves politicians,
Just stick them all in.
NLD loves prisons anyway,
Insein jail is their biggest branch , didn't you know?
8888 students seem to be quite attached to that torture chamber too,
What a lot of weird souls !

Hmm... Let us do a bit of calculation,
Eight thousands out, so if we just squash all that hundred thousands back in,
Oh yeh, there will be just enough room for that.
And please do go and visit them there , UN inspector or whatever,
Look this is what we offer them,
A mouth watering rice and curry.
Don't forget to look at all those shiny brand-new kitchen utensils too,
Just make a little note that we provide them with the best possible facilities.

What happened after the inspection?
Uh.. Well.. the thing is, , that cooking oil container seemed to have run away,
Where ? Oh just to the prison official's kitchen, wasn't it so funny?
Sorry, pardon me, but did you say, the prisoners look all very thin?
Haven't you heard that it is fashionable to be slim and trim?
Oh, Help! Our Hell King!
We are just trying to do the best for them,
And all that we've ever got is complaints, and criticisms.
Why don't you sometimes practice your human rights study,
And learn to appreciate our benevolent kindness and compassionate mercy?

There is a leak only because the roof has a hole !
If we must tell you the truth,
Actually, yeh, we made that ginormous hole up in the roof,
With the hope that it would provide us with the continuous rain water,
And guess what ?
It's worked so well that we never want to move.

Looking like the most sinuous and complex network of passages,
However there are only a few directions to reach the destination,
To consolidate this long surviving military empire's sovereignty,
There has to be utmost defence and the extreme protection,
With the greatest possible prevention.

Ignore if the entire country is being destroyed,
Nevermind if its relegion is annihilated and ruined,
We don't care if our grand children will not be able to enter the monkhood as tradition,
We don't even give it a s_ _ t,
If nobody comes to our funerals and no monks there to perform the blessings and prayers service,
As long as we are powerful, puissant, prevalent and rich.

Ma Thadar (04.12.2007)

(Translated by Nay Chi U)

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