Monday, 31 December 2007

Health Concern For NLD Member

31 December 2007
Original report by Maung Too, DVB

Worrying news is reaching the family and friends that Ko Tut Pe aka Ko Win Zaw, who has been in custody for over 4 months is now unable to walk, after having to sleep on the concrete floor. He is a member of NLD Party, Thone Kwa.

'We heard that he has been placed among the convicts and has to live and sleep directly on a concrete floor. As a result, he was having strokes and is now unable to walk. No one is allowed to see him, so we can't be sure about the news but that's what we have heard.', said the informer.

'He was fed 2 meals a day but the meals were so small he is not getting enough nutrition to be fit. He has been treated as if he was a criminal or a convict', he added.

Ko Tut Pe who was arrested since 6 August, was kept in a jail in Kyauk Tan Police Unit 7 before being sent to Insein prison. On 14 December, he was sent back to Thone Kwa jail but the family was not notified, nor did they know anything about the first hearing of his case on 27 December.

The family was allowed to visit him while he was in Insein prison but since he was moved back to Thone Kwa jail, they have been banned from seeing him. Ko Tut Pe's aunt said,' Since he has been back to this area, the family members are not allowed to see him anymore. We have permission to send him a little food and snack but that's all. No visits.'

Ko Tut Pe was remanded for a week and his next trial is due on 10 January.

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