Monday, 31 December 2007

Mya Than Htike and Ko Tut Pe's Trial

30 December 2007
Original report by Ye May Aung, DVB

Ko Mya Than Htike, member of the NLD Party, Thingun Gyun, Rangoon, was brought before court last Wednesday but there was no hearing and the case has been adjourned. He was shot at and arrested while reciting prayers with other protesters in September, before being detained in Insein Prison.

Ma Wa Wa Lwin, his sister said,' The next hearing date was given as 2nd January. He has been charged under Section 505b. He was both hand-cuffed and shackled. He was brought in by special police car. He looked fine. His gun shot wound is also healing well. We managed to send him medicines and other essential items.'

Similarly, Ko Tut Pe aka Ko Win Zaw, member, NLD Party, Thone Kwa, was brought before Thone Kwa Magistrate court for the trial. He has been arrested and detained since early September. However, it is reported that the hearing was held without informing his family.

A family friend said,' We only learnt that Ko Tut Pe was brought before court on Thursday. Nobody knew about it, even his family. After we made enquiries at the office we were told that his offence was committed under Section 145 and the next hearing date is 10th January. All the preparations are done for him, like hiring a solicitor, etc, for his trial. If the trial is not being held according to the legislation, we must then act accordingly too.'

After being arrested in Thone Kwa, Ko Tut Pe was sent to Insein Prison, Rangoon. He was transfered back to Thone Kwa jail; however until now, his family has not been given permission to visit him. Instead, they have to send him small packages, containing medicines and other personal toiletary, known in Burma as a 'prison parcel'.


ywe said...

hi... pls send my pray to Ko Win Zaw from Thongwa Jail... As soon as i read this news ...i feel so sad and so sad..... i will pray for him... eveyday.... Quick free !..

thanks for ur information... he is my friend and we attended tha same i m so remember about that....

now he is not for him the things he is now doing.

However.. we do congratulate for our Township..

Goldie Shwe said...

To ywe

Yes, we pray for everyone of them. All the brave people of our country. Please do not be sad. You should be proud of him and his conduct. He is a gentle man , and a brave person. If he dies, his name will be recorded, unlike some coward people who use guns to kill the innocent citizens. And yes, Thone Gwa is a brave town and because of Ko Win Zaw, people it is now famous.

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