Saturday, 29 December 2007

Prison Officials Allowed Christians' Charity Work

28 December 2007
Original report : Thet Nai , DVB, India

Members of all the Christian churches around Kalay, Sagaing have been doing their annual charity work, including food and clothing donation at some the prison labour camps in the area, it is reported.

It is a tradition for churches to do such charity work every Christmas, however this was not being allowed by the prison officials last year, as reported by the locals.

This year, after obtaining the permission, the Christians went to '55 Mile' Labour Camp, Yarsagyo Labour Camp and Mawlite Kalay Labour Camp, where they offered a meal with meat curry to every prisoner as well as giving them some clothing.

It is reported that prisoners at Kalay-Kabaw Labour Camp, North Western Sagaing are kept in shackles while having to do hard and long hours of farming work with very little food at meal times. As a result, they contract disease and the death tolls are very high.

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