Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The NLD Member In Prison Is Chained Up In Shackles

December 25, 2007
Original source: DVB's Aye Nai

U Win Myint, member of NLD ( National League for Democracy) party, Hlaing Tharya, Rangoon, who has been detained in Insein prison, is now in Ankle cuffs, ready to be sent off to one of the labour camps, it is reported.

U Win Myint, who earned the living as a trishaw driver, was carrying a passenger on 2nd December while they approached a 40 strong army of waiting local authority security members. The passenger then suddenly got out of the trishaw and ran into a waiting car and disappeared. By now, U Win Myint, who was left in his trishaw was surrounded by the authority, who then arrested him for possessing a 9 inch long knife, which has been left in the passenger seat.

During his arrest, he was asked to resign as a NLD memberin order to get a lighter sentence, which he refused.

On December 18, U Win Myint appeared in Hlaing Tharya magistrate court, being charged with possessing weapon, section of an Act 19 (c). During a few minutes he was given to hire a lawyer, he was advised to admit to having owned the weapon. He was then given a 3 years prison sentence.

U Win Myint, who is 48, earned his living as a trishaw driver, to look after his wife and two school aged children. He was visited by his wife last Friday. It is understood that he is chained up in ankle cuffs and his health is deteriorating.

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