Friday, 14 December 2007

Taunggote Leads The Challenge

Orginal source - Aye Naing, DVB
December 13, 2007

When it comes to bravery, Taungote, a town in Rakine State is top of the world as it openly challenges the junta to make changes of the political situation in the country before the end of the year or face revolution.

Written warnings were distributed in five area of the town yesterday evening, with the noticeably increased numbers than the previous distributions, with some popular slogans saying,

'Please be prepared general public, as there are going to be more uprisings'

'The Battle Is On'

'Schizophrenic Than Shwe - Power Addict and Control Freak'

'Having Good Economy Is Our Right'

'We Want Democracy and Human Rights'

'Religion Destroying Government - Get Out!'

The main distribution area are; the jetty, the hospital entrance, Sri Maha Bodi Banyan Tree in town center, the old cinema and the evening market.

This courageous challenge is the first to be announced after the brutal crackdown of the monks and public protests in September, internationally known as 'The Saffron Revolution', when many hundreds people were killed and thousands thrown into prisons.

One observer in town said, ' This battle cry is the result of insulting the much loved religion of our country for thousands of years and also not making an effort to seriously discuss and settle the political matters with the country's formally elected leader Daw Aung San Su Kyi. Young people, who previously did not have interest in politics are now actively getting involved in this public's democracy movement, under the guidence of the Public Action Committee. I can see all the signs of the big public revolution, coming up, soon.'

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