Thursday, 13 December 2007

Junta Kept Arrested Women In Security Units With No Toilets

12 December 2007
Original Source - DVB, Maung Htoo, Thailand

The patron of BWM (Burmese Housewives Association), Daw San San Myint, 62 said she and 20 other members, who were arrested violently while protesting in front of the Yangon City Hall on August 24 were kept in the military security units, where the health and safety conditions are highly dangerous and there was not even a single toilet.

'We were taken to Kyaikasan first, and within 3 days I contracted illnesss but there was no offer of any kind of treatment. By September 2, when we were sent to Hmaw Be Battalion 3, my entire body became swollen and I felt very weak. Both security units were extremely filthy and there was not even toilet in Hmaw Be unit. Health and safety standards were so low that people just fell sick. The only water that was available was the dirty mucky water and the staff settled the sediment and drain the clear top part to give us as drinking water.'

'My condition was deteriorating rapidly and I was so weak I could not get up. By the time I couldn't eat for 8 days and collapsed, I was sent home,' said Daw San San Myint .

Although she was released because of her worsening illness, the home visiting native doctor U Ko Thet, who was treating her, was threatened and warned by the local authority official that he was to be responsible if Daw San San Myint died. As a result, U Ko Thet stopped giving treatment.

At least there were 3 more housewives members of BWU, including Ma Khin Mar Cho still being arrested in the security units.

Daw San San Myint pleaded to everyone to help and support to protect and care for those who are still ibeing detained as the health and safety situation in those security units are one of the worst in the world and also when the prisoners were sick, they were not given professional treatment.

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