Monday, 21 January 2008

70 Year Old MP In Mandalay Prison Needs Eye Treatment

20 January 2008
Original reporty by Maung Too, DVB

U Than Lwin, Member of Parliament, Mattaya, Mandalay, who had been punched with a 'knuckleduster', is developing cataract in the injured eye while being detained in O Bo prison, according to his wife.

"He can't see very well in that eye now and thinks he has a cataract. He is also suffering from a heart condition," said Daw Khin Thi, his wife

U Than Lwin, 70, was walking home after attending a prayer meeting for the release of the political prisoners, when he was attacked by an unknown thug, who punched him in the face with iron knuckles, last June. He suffered a broken nose and an injured eye. In the typical style of the Junta, he was then arrested while he was still receiving hospital treatment, and that was one of the reasons he eye condition was getting worse, explained Daw Khin Thi.

"His eye ached and wept continuously and it was in a serious condition. He was eventually allowed to receive some medication so it has improved although still can't eat properly and is physically very weak."

He was arrested in connection with September protests. Daw Khin Thi pleads for his release, not only because he did not commit any crime but also his deteriorating health, which needs proper medical treatment.

"He is not so young and also committed no crime. He only went to a prayers' meeting after which he was violently attacked then arrested before his wounds were healed. Now he should be released as it is quite clear that he did nothing and he needs urgent medical treatment."

The unknown junta-sponsored thug, who punched U Than Lwin was seen running into the office of local USDA (Union solidarity and Development Association), the government junta's so-called 'social welfare' organization. When a group of civilians demanded his identity and arrest, they were prosecuted for threatening behaviour and sent to prison for up to 7 years. The unknown thug however is, predictably, still at large.

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