Thursday, 17 January 2008

Appeal For the International Red Cross To Treat Political Prisoners

15 January 2008
Original report by Moe Aye, DVB

"All the political prisoners have been only trying to express their desire for National Reconciliation peacefully and therefore should be released immediately. Although the military government says it is trying for National Reconciliation, no effort has been shown towards making peace among the parties," said Ko Soe Tun from 8888 Generation Students Group.

"It is an extremely sad business for everyone. For instance, Ko Min Ko Naing is suffering from toothache but he hasn't received proper treatment for that. He couldn't even speak properly when he sister came to see him in the prison." He then urged the government to allow ICRC, the International Committee of the Red Cross to make an emergency visit to the prisons.

"We earnestly appeal for the government to allow political prisoners to recieve emergency health treatments and other humanitarian needs, provided by ICRC."

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