Monday, 14 January 2008

Junta Incapable of Managing The Power Supply

12 January 2008
Original report by Thet Naing, DVB
Translation by Nay Chi U

Ordinary civilians who live in the towns of Magwe' Division such as Pakkoku and Ye' Sagyo are suffering because the power supplies have been cut from 6 hours a day to just one night every 3 days, it is reported.

Business owners, who can't afford to buy a generator, have had their businesses come to a halt. Consequently, labourers who depend on their daily income are in deep trouble and the local factories which produce daily goods are struggling to survive.

"Snack shops need their batter mixed daily so they just have to close the shop on the days that they can't get the electricity. Small factories producing scented candles, thanaka (Burmese natural make up, made from trees)etc., all suffer too as they rely on the regular reliable power supply."

Some manufacturers who can afford generators also found that business is not profitable as the fuel prices have gone up so steeply.

"With normal power supply, our products can be sold for K 500/- each but with generator power we have to charge K1000/- for the same goods at least. We have employed workers but they are just having non-working days most of the time. Since we have a hire contract, we still have to pay them their daily fees, and we are losing a lot," said one employer.

Every other area in Burma has similar problems as the power supply 'services' have been gradually going from bad to worse, and now virtually non-existent, since the military government took over the country in 1962. The leading generals changed - from Nay Win to Khin Nyunt to now Than Shwe. Names of the ruling bodies changed - from Socialist Government to SLORC to now SPDC. However none, after all these years, has ever been able to muster the competence, to manage to supply the country with the sufficient electric power.

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