Friday, 25 January 2008

NLD Youth Shot In The Back

25 January 2008
Original report by Aye Aye Mon, DVB
Translation by Nay Chi U

Thingungyun National League for Democracy Party (Youth) member Ko Mya Than Htike, who was shot in the back, appeared at Kyauk Tada magistrate court on 22 January, according to senior attorney U Aung Thein.

He was charged under sections 145: for refusing to obey riot police warning and 505b: acting to 'dishonour' the State, and prosecuted by Inspector Soe Naing of Kyauk Tada police station.

Soe Naing claimed that the troops were ordered to take over, and to use force to disperse demonstrators as they did not obey the order issued by 'authorities' under section 144, to disperse immediately, and to prevent riots. He also told the court that while military troops were using force to disperse the protesters, Ko Mya Than Htike was at the front of the demonstrations.

Then U Aun Thein, the defence lawyer asked," Do you have any knowledge that Ko Mya Than Htike was shot at as he was turning his back to the soldiers and walking away from them? So that the bullet went through his bottom then came out from his left thigh ? He was not at the front, he was not facing the soldiers. He had turned his back to the soldiers and was walking away from them while the security forces shot him from the military truck. Did you know any thing of that?

The official then answered," I knew that he was in the hospital."

The next trial for the case is on 29th January and the defence lawyer said he looks forward to questioning the prosecution witnesses.

U Aung Thein has accepted at least 4 cases to represent the defendants who have been charged in connection with the September protests, in Kyauk Tada area.

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