Sunday, 13 January 2008

Child Martyr Maung Thet Piane Soe

Original Source : Nicknayman Blog (and a photo)

During the September Golden Colour Revolution, a young person called Maung Thet Piane Soe aka Kalama Gyi decided to join other protesters on the road, demonstrating for lower commodity prices, the release of political prisoners (including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi), National Reconciliation and an apology from the military government to the monks in Pakkoku.

On 27 September, the tenth day of the public protests, Maung Thet Piane Soe could be seen actively marching in the front line, wearing a T shirt which read ,'Free Aung San Suu Kyi', heading towards Tar Mwe', from Sule' Pagoda.

As the protesters approaching Tar Mwe High School No. 3, they were attacked by armed troops, wearing Division 66 badges, which brutally and violently attacked the peaceful civilian protesters. Maung Thet Piane Soe, who was marching at the front was shot in the head and killed instantly.

The soldiers kicked his body into the drain after taken his possessions including a school bag and some cash.

Maung Thet Piane Soe, who lived in 20, Min Nanda Road, Bo Tun Zan, Daw Pone was also a National League for Democracy Youth Member. The youngest of U Myint Win and Daw Aye Pyone's three sons, he went to school at High School No 1 in Daw Pone. However, at Year 9, he had to take a gap year from his study, due to the high tuition fees which the family could no longer afford.

He was also actively involved in Daw Pone Youths Working Group's Re-organization, starting from May, 2007 and known for his reliability as well as his helpful and supportive manners.

Maung Thet Piane Soe was 15 year and 4 months old when he was shot and murdered by the junta's soldiers.

By Noon Set
(Translated by Nay Chi U)

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