Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Missing NLD Member Found At Last, In Prison!'

9 January 2008
Original reporty by Naw Say Paw, DVB

Ko Tun Tun Naing, who left home for work on 3 January and missing since, was found, at last, as a prisoner in Insein prison.

A Member of National League for Democracy Party, Ko Tun Tun Naing, who works as a taxi driver, was arrested on 3 January and since kept in special unit No 2 in Insein prison, his wife Ma Aye Aye Thet learnt from others who visited the prison.

When she went to report a missing person, the officials from the police station took all his personal documents including photos and census. When she went back there again today, she was told, "No information yet. We are still making iquiries. If you heard anything, let us know too,' by the police.

She only found out about her husband's custody when she was told by relatives of fellow prisoners who visited the prison. "You hope that you would be at least informed of your husband's arrest. However,it looks like I have to go and report about his arrest to the police station, quite the other way around", she said.

Ko Tun Tun Naing earns his living as a taxi driver to look after his young family, with an eighteen month old son. The family is now struggling to survive, in his absence.

"I am a full time mother as our child is only 18 months old. We depend entirely on my husband's daily income. I am struggling to cope with all this and selling things by the main road so that my son and I can eat," said Ma Aye Aye Thet, who was also worried about her husband's asthma.

"All he had was what he put on, on that day. He has asthma and he is not very strong to survive in prison condition. All I know is that he is innocent but I am very worried".

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