Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Journalists Telephones Switched Off (But "We" Didn't Do It!)

2 January 2008
Original report : DVB

Journalists, who reported the September's Golden Colour Revolution protests, have had their telephones switched off by the "authorities". Fixed line and mobile phones of some journalists, who work for international media firms such as NHK, GG and Reuters, as well as some employees of foreign embassies, have been switched off by the Ministry of Communications, it is reported.

When the telephone subscribers, who have paid full service fees, made enquiries at Myanmar Communication Cooperative about the censorship, they were told that it has been an order from their superiors (presumably the "authorities?"). Subsequent enquiries were made at Ministry of Communications, Post & Telegraph, Ministry of Information and Ministry of Home Affairs, and all three refused to take responsibility, just saying 'It wasn't us' ("authorities again?").

Former Military Intelligence which has the new name of Military Security Group also denied knowing anything about it, saying, 'This order is not one of our operations.'

When all the possible sources of information have run out, the owners of the telephones, who have paid over
K 1,000,000 for the service are just left empty handed , without explanation of what had happened to their telephone services.

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