Thursday, 3 January 2008

Maggots Feeding On The Rotten Junta

2 January, 2008
Original source : Ko Htike's blog
Burmese people in Singapore who support cruel Burmese Junta

Since 1962, people in Burma have been divided into pro-military junta group and pro-democracy group or opposition. Until the Golden Colour Revolution in September, it was acceptable that there were some citizens who did not favour either of the political groups while they would just mind their own business and live in harmony with each side.

However, the September Revolution has changed everything. It has been a make or break time. Black or White, Right or Wrong, East or West, Left or Right ? The time has come for everyone who is connected to Burma, to make a clear choice. Which side do you belong to? Pro-Junta or Pro-Democracy?

The world has witnessed the military junta's most shameless insult on over thousand years of the country's religion and culture, the brutal crackdown on the peaceful and much-respected monks. News of arrests, torture and killing of peaceful protesters overwhelmed the international media agencies. Only very young children and people in a coma would have missed these sad and unpleasant reports.

It has since become every citizen's duty and obligation to decide on their loyalties and stand up for which side they belong to, especially the exile Burmese, who enjoy freedom of speech and actions, who live in other successfully developed democratic countries. The question is 'Are you a self-interested selfish pro-junta sycophant, joining with the military criminals and convicts , and become rich by robbing your own country?' OR ' Are you loyal to your own countrymen, the country's great religion and the millions of suffering poor ?'

Every Burmese resident in Singapore, had been notified of the pro-junta's Independence Day celebration in the Mandarin Hotel on 2 January. Exiled pro-democracy and anti-junta bloggers had put out appeals to boycott the event and most people from Burma managed to avoid it. However, the evidence of these photos proves that there are many thick-skinned shameless and selfish people who expose themselves as most disloyal to their own country and their own race and people, and in favour of the mass murderers, military junta, robbers of the country's resources . These disloyal maggots, who are feeding on the putrescent junta are all recorded in these photos. Their dishonourable names will be published soon.

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