Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Paranoid 'Authorities' Send More 'Security' In Taunggok

21 January 2008
Original report by Naw Say Paw, DVB

After openly and bravely announcing that there will be more uprisings in 2008, unless positive changes are made, residents from the most courageous town on earth, unsurprisingly found themselves under the microscopic scrutiny of unquestionably the most paranoid and sadistic military junta in the world. According to the locals, there is an significant increase in the numbers of armed junta security forces as well as plain-clothes 'strangers'.

Instead of listening to what its people need or want, the junta-followers in Taunggok simply squashed peaceful demonstrations and tightened up the security, while closely watching every movement of any members of National League for Democracy Party.

Deputy Chair U Than Pe, Taunggok NLD said his house is under surveillance within the 30 yards surrounding and every visitor to the house is being recorded.

"Sometimes, they come into the house and have a chat with me for a couple of hours. If I need to go to town, then they said they would give me a lift."

Residents in and around Taunggok were planning to express their feelings towards the miserable economic conditions and the forced labour which has been imposed upon them, and to hold peaceful demonstrations in the town on 17 January. News of their plan leaked to the junta, and before they could stage any demonstrations the entire town was shut down for a day ! Since then, security has been dramatically tightened.

Despite the increase in the level of repressive armed security, locals have nevertheless spotted political activity in the recent new graffiti on Taunggok - Um main road.

The local people in the area are more openly discussing what they think of the bullying they have received from the juntas authorities, compared with last year, according to U Than Pe.

"For example, we managed to sign the petition, against the forced fire-guard duties, and sent them off to all the relevant organisations. Everyone was actively involved and actually fighting for a place to sign! They knew it(the forced labour)was terribly wrong and they wanted to let the junta know that they will not accept it."

"Today, people are beginning to believe and feel strongly that they must have the right to say clearly that something done by force is wrong. They wouldn't have thought about it last year. They are seeing, hearing and learning from long and bitter experience; this unending misery of repression which can only result in rebellion against the terrible injustices suffered."

The repressive military government however is not only famous for its paranoia and brutality towards any sign of protest, but is also at the same time leaving the weary public with no alternative but to support the demonstrations expressing their disgust at the unending misrule and progressive destruction of their country.

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