Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Statement Issued By The All Burma Monks Alliance

Date 01-01-08
1369 Na Daw La Sote 8th , Tuesday

We, the monks, members of the Buddhist Order, being mindful of sympathy and pity for the public and the donors, who were struggling to survive the deep trouble of poverty, decided to overturn the offering bowls, and paraded and marched peacefully. This was done in order to let the ruling government know about the public's suffering and basic struggle to survive.

However, the government, instead of taking responsiblility and resolving the issues and problems of the people and the country, hired criminals and convicts to conduct the brutal crackdown on the peaceful protesters including the monks, as the world has witnessed. Moreover, the government has;

1) tried to separate the monks from the people, either with bribery or threat

2) made accusations that the monks who staged the protests were decoys,

3) been beating, arresting and chasing away monks during the invasion of the monastaries while wearing military boots and also closing down the monastaries,

4) forced derobing, beating, questioning, torturing and incarceration of the monks

5) restricted or prevented the movment and travel of monks

6)been forbidding abbots from giving sermons at public religious ceremonies and,

7)been forcing people to make donations, in order to defeat the monks' boycott.

The government must stop committing the above crimes and instead;

a) take the responsibility for their economic faliures, the poverty of the country and the public's suffering in the current humanitarian crisis created by them,

b)immediately release without condition all the detained monks, including U Gambira, students and youths, ethnic leaders, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and all other political prisoners

c) start to solve the country's problems, issues and crises through discussion, negotiation and meetings, in a civilised way.

We demand the government known as the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), take immediate action to react to all the issues listed above.

To civilians and donors we would appeal to you not to be disappointed or give up too easily from this long-term struggle. Control your anger and hatred, avoid any violent behaviour and try to love each other. This way, we will be able to create and build our own future and fate peacefully and in solidarity.

To the monks we urge you to continue with our unfinished boycott and increase your activity while bearing in mind the development of the country and religion. Be united, be active and be vigilant.

For the benefit of both secular and sacred worlds we issued this announcement.

The All Burma Monks Alliance

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