Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Protesters End Hunger Strike

2 January, 2008
Original News by Aye Nai, DVB

Ko Htin Kyaw, the fuel protest leader and 2 others, who were staging a hunger strike while in custody in Insein prison, demanding the release of all political prisoners including monks, have called off their demonstration, it is reported.

All three; Ko Htin Kyaw, Ko Myo Thant (member of HRDP net work) and Ko Zin Lin Aung ( a university student) have resumed eating solid food again, according to Ma Thi Thi Soe, sister of Ko Myo Thant, who visited him in the prison last Monday.

Ko Htin kyaw staged hunger strike from 30 November until 31 December 2007 while Ko Myo Thant started his on 10 December and ended on 25 December. Ko Zin Lin Aung, who also started his hunger strike on 10 Decemeber was forced to end it earlier than his colleagues due to the deterioration of his health, it is learnt.

Ko Myo Thant, who lost 21 lb in body weight during his hunger strike, told his sister that he is now ready and is courageous enough to face anything under the protection of the laws and legislations. His ultimate hope and expectation is that fair justice will now be done in accordance with full intregrity, legality and rectitude. He faces charges under section 505b on 'incitement to commit offences against the public tranquility', and if found guilty will be given a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment.

All three hunger strikers had asked for the release of all political prisoner but there has been no report of any negotiation or arbitration from the authorities.

It is now over 2 weeks since Ko Htin Kyaw was last seen by member of his family. Their request to see him was refused at the prison today. Instead, they were allowed to leave a package for him.

The telephones in Insein prison are working and being answered, however when asked about the health of the 3 hunger strikers, the respondent stated that the caller had the wrong number, before the line was cut off.

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