Monday, 7 January 2008

Public Movement Organising Committee's Open Letter

4 January 2008 (the Independence Day)

To His Excellency Senior General Than Shwe and Leaders of SPDC

This letter is written with the intention wholly and entirely in respect and appreciation of the freedom and dignity of every individual and the desire for the present and long-term well-being of the national economy and the love and respect of the nation.

It has been 60 years since our country gained Independence after many decades as a colony. However, far from enjoying the benefit of freedom and independence, people of this proud nation are suffering from civil wars and many other continuous problems such as lack of human rights and freedom, equality and justice under the law. Most of the people and their families are unable to avoid the curse of poverty at some point in their daily lives and all the difficulties and troubles which follow from that.

Moreover, the country and its citizens are deeply ashamed of the headaches and problems which our nation is causing in both the regional and international context.

Our ethnically united nation is facing and struggling to deal with political, humanitarian and economics issues. To avoid or find solutions to these problems and to recontruct a peaceful, humble and developed nation and society, it is most important to first achieve the united solidarity of the nation.

To negotiate meaningful discussion concerning our national affairs, there is no other way except for the discussion between SPDC leaders, democracy groups led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and all other ethnic leaders in a manner that is free, open, friendly, affectionate and equal to jointly find solutions to the country's problems.

Being a day early or late to start the meaningful discussions will have a huge impact on the benefits to the country. Therefore, we are determined to express the desire to constructively unite and join hands for the convening of immediate and genuinely meaningfull discussions.

It is vitally important for the fate of our nation that you, and I, and all of us, learn from the wounds of the past , draw the curtains for the final time, without any anger, hatred or revenge, look forward to the future in the eyes of tolerance love and affection.

Other than that, if we carry on as we are, riding on the parallel hard-line tracks , with our backs to each other, there will be no medicine to cure our crippling humanitarian and economic national ills. There is also no doubt that as a consequence of that, the public which is desperate and drowning in the sea of troubles and sufferings will lead to public revolution and create scenes of blood and tears.

Therefore, we hereby seriously and respectfully request and urge the leaders of SPDC to act for obvious and visible change towards improvement, meaning the unconditional release of every political prisoners from today 4 January (the Independence Day) while 12 February (the Union Day) being the final date for the release and the immediate start of genuine meaningful discussion, without delay.

Public Movement Organising Committee

1 All Burma Monks Alliance (ABMA)

2 United Groups of Ethnic Youths

3 All Burma Federation of Students Union

4 8888 Generation Students

5 Peace loving Muslim Organization

6 Generation Wave (New Blood Youth Organization)

7 Lawyers Union

8 Poets Union

9 New Generation Journalists Union

10 Public Activities Development Committee (Mandalay)

11 Public Activities Development Committee (Rangoon)

12 Writers and Artists Group

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