Monday, 28 January 2008

Message To All From 1988 Student Leaders

25 January 2008
Original report by Maung Too, DVB
Translation by Nay Chi U

The Military government has charged ten leaders of the 1988 Generation Students, the detainees in Insein prison, with unlawful printing and distributing, then remanded them, Ko Soe Tun, their colleague reported.

The leaders have been in custody since last August, after they staged commodity fuel protests.

An interview with Ko Soe Tun

Ko Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi, Ko Jimmy, Ko Mya Aye, Ko Mikey, Ko Aung Thu, Ko Min Zay Ya, Zaw Htet Ko Ko, Ko Aung Naing, Ko Tin Too Aung, all ten of them have been charged under sections 17-20: press and printing laws.

DVB : Were they heard and remanded in prison?


DVB : Do you have any comments about the remand being given privately inside the prison, without any public hearing or trial held in a magistrates court ?

Many of our 88 Generation Students are serving long-term prison sentences. They still nevertheless strongly believe that our country's long-running political, social and economic issues can be resolved by National Reconciliation, where we can all find the solutions together.

With that belief we have been working towards creating mutual ground, where both democracy forces and the SPDC government can understand each other, discuss and negotiate. We have repeatedly stated that meetings and discussions are the only way to get the answers to the country's issues.

The government is now however selecting ridiculous sections of Acts under which to arrest, and remanding in secret inside prison. Until now, the SPDC government has made no response, only threats and intimidation.

We have been working so hard to lead in non-violent ways, using all the methods we could find from the highest level of human societies so that neither side - rulers or subjects - become injured or offended.

From the behaviour of the citizens we have tried to express how they feel, how they suffer, how they want to improve and develop the country by using written petitions and many other peaceful modes of protest and demonstration. That is because we also love our country and want our country to develop. We want to improve the life of the people.

We therefore seriously urge the government to desist with these illogical long detentions , making charges under inappropriate and even ridiculous headings, and holding secret hearings in prisons. We also demand the their immediate release. More importantly they should be recognised as the best ambassadors who have power to create peaceful mutual ground to re-establish discussions over National reconciliations.

DVB : What is your message to United Nations, Mr Gambari and international organisations?

Mr Gambari is officially appointed by United Nations. It is most important that he participates in our National reconcialiation development programmes as soon as possible. We therefore urge that Mr Gambari be allowed to visit the country immediately.

DVB : As the government is planning and plotting to imprison student leaders, what is your message to the people of Myanmar ?

The public in Myarmar have been living without the protection of the rule of law for a long time and unfortunately, the situation continues to worsen. The citizens have expressed their feelings and desires through the peaceful protests led by the monks. They have shown their desire for National reconciliations, where the meetings and discussions can start for the true development of the country.

It is now crucial that every individual takes part and does their duty for the whole nation, and be responsible so that we can all achieve our goals - freedom, peace and justice.

We promise that we would do our best to achieve our mutual goals by leading in ways that all the people of this nation can participate in.

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