Friday, 25 January 2008

Jealous Junta's Dirty Campaign

25 January 2008
Original report by DVB
Translation by Nay Chi U

Local authorities in Pwint Hpyu, Magwe' are doing everything they can to repress and bully members of the National League for Democracy Party and recently giving pressure for a teacher to lose his job.

U Sein Win, member of the Humanitarian Support Committee, NLD, has recently lost his job at a private bording school in Nga Chauk Kyun, Nan Daw Kyun cluster of villages, run by U Tun Win Naing. According to the NLD party, the school was pressured by the juntas 'authorities' to dismiss U Sein Win, who attended the controversial Independence Day celebration in Chauk.

Pwint Hpyu MP Dr Aung Moe Nyo said," U Sein Win's right to teach at boarding school was taken away by the authorities, as a result of his attending the Independence Day celebration in Chauk. He has lost his job and the school has lost an excellent teacher. He went there to teach because they school desperately needed a teacher and it has been a great loss for the kids who are sitting the matric exams soon"

U Sein Win however is no stranger to the junta's dirty campaign. He was inprisoned in 1969 for his involvement in student protests. During the 1990 general election campaign he jointly wrote a song, which the government tried to ban and he subsequently lost his job.

The deliberate actions of the juntas 'authorities' in targetting NLD members to socially isolate them was criticised by Dr Aung Moe Nyo.

"They wish to isolate us so to make us feel alone in society, so that we feel friedless and become depressed. It is a deliberate and systematic attack. They are trying desperately to destroy us; our party campaign,our self-respect. At the same time, they support and encourage their militia organisations such as Swan Arr Shins and USDA"

"The public know very well how the members of the juntas 'poodle' militia groups are always getting drunk and behaving in a vulgar way. For this reason they are pleased to be able to give respect to NLD members for their dignity and honest work. This is precisely why these juntas 'poodle' groups are so upset about and jealous."

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