Thursday, 17 January 2008

Gen Than Shwe Too Busy To Run The Country, Due To Family Business Responsibilities

15 January 2008
Original Source : Nicknayman (and a photo)

It is hardly surprising that senior general Than Shwe, so-called head of the State for Burma, can't cope with all the country's troublesome political, economical and humanitarian affairs. He is far too busy, looking after his family running their many businesses across the region!

The photo shows, Tun Naing Shwe, the eldest son of Than Shwe. Although he owns many businesses, he is known as the poorest in the family. He sadly owns only 12 mansions, as well as the J Doughnuts and My Milk restaurant chains. He also jointly owns 35% share of contracts with an import/export company, run by ethnic Chinese group, born in Burma.

The countless businesses he owns in the country includes Dim Sum shops, trading of imported goods from Thailand, Queen Orange Juice Concentrates, Dream Jelly and J-J Night Clubs, and Thai restaurants with Karaoke. It is reported that he also owns businesses in Thailand, China and Indonesia.

His business partner is Joseph Khin Maung Thein, son of U Aung Thein and they jointly own the J & J Company. Joseph supervises his businesses in Thailand, while his sister Carol manages the businesses in China, as a cosy family arrangement.

There has been an appeal to every responsible and self-respecting citizen to boycott all these businesses which have been taken over and run by robbers of the military junta, their families and their crowds of sycophant followers.

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