Friday, 18 January 2008

Concerns Over 5 NLD Youths, Daw Pon

18 January 2008
Original report by DVB

Concerns are growing for the well-being of the 5 members of the National League for Democracy Party, Youth Wing, Daw Pon, as except for one, the families have not seen them since their arrest earlier this month.

Ko Kyaw Kyaw Lin, Ko Kyaw Zin Win, Ko Ko Aung, Ko Nayzar Myo Win and Ko Han Soe were arrested by people who called themselves the 'authorities', at the beginning of January.

With so many different repressive 'authorities' on the loose, their families encountered problems when they could not say exactly who arrested them and when, which is delaying the enquiry according to Daw Tin Lay Win, Ko Kyaw Zin Win's mother. "I was told by the PDC chief that Kyaw Kyaw Lin was arrested on 3 Jan and Kyaw Zin Win was caught on 4 January. I was also told that unless I could tell them who arrested them, they wouldn't do anything". Ko Kyaw Zin Win, who was on the run since the September protest was arrested on 4 January.

Family members are particularly worried for Ko Kyaw Kyaw Lin, who needs regular medication for TB and Ko Kyaw Zin Lin, who recently had a hernia operation, said Daw Tin Lay Win.

Ko Ko Aung, who has been detained in Dagon police station is the only one who has been seen by the family. Ko Nayzar Myo Win and Ko Han Soe, who were in custody in Kyauk Tada police station, were permitted food and personal items but not family visits.

Daw Hla Hlaw Win, whose son Ko Nayzar Myo Win was arrested on 5 January said, " They said just for one or two questions, please lend us your son for a while, so he went. They told me they were 'Da Na'or civil police, but later, I was told they were 'Ta La Ya - Naing': military intelligence, so I followed them. They told me to come the next day so I went, but I could only leave clothing for him. I haven't been allowed to see him. "

"I was told that I couldn't see my son because he has something to do with political charges under a Section of Act 6, which means I couldn't see him. I don't know if my son really has contravened that Act but they have authority, and they told me. They arrested him and they charged him. When I asked them to explain a bit more, they could tell nothing useful or helpful. When they took him away, they promised me that it would only be for a while but I haven't seen him since. How am I supposed to feel, as a parent ?

She added that she heard Ko Nayzar Myo Win could appear before court on 21 January.

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