Wednesday, 9 January 2008

"Attack NLD Members With Human Faeces", Military Junta Told Staff

8 January 2008
Original report by Khin Hnin Htet, DVB

The military junta (the 'authorities') did everything to stop members of the National League for Democracy attending the Independence Day celebration in Ye Nan Chaung, including throwing human faeces at them and also shooting pellets, using catapults.

Six members of Pwint Phyu NLD, led by Dr Aung Moe Nyo were detained on 2 January as they were preparing to travel to Ye Nan Chaung, where the celebrations were to be held at NLD chairman U Khin Win's house. They were held at the town's police station for interrogation, conducted by U Aung Ngwe Kyi, the official. During the interrogation, the instructions given to the police officials by PDC (Peace and Development Council) chairman U Hla Htay on the telephone were overheard by Dr Aung Moe Nyo.

He Said, "I heard him saying, 'Keep questioning the bastards', ' Keep giving them pressure', 'Don't release them until 9 am on Independence Day,' 'Let them go if they are heading to the jetty but take all the oars away from the boats', 'Keep all the keys from the motorboats'."

He explained that it was an excessive effort by authorities to stop the members attending the ceremony and there were even instructions to be thuggish, if the members were determined to travel on despite being too late for the celebration.

"I heard every word including , 'If they carry on, ambushed them with pellets using catapults', ' Throw plastic bags full of faeces at them", added Dr Aung Moe Nyo.

The group was arrested at midnight as they were stopping overnight in Nyaung Pin Zauk village, on the way to Ye Nan Chaung and being detained for 2 nights in Pwint Hpyu police station. During the interrogation, they were asked about their planned route to Ye Nan Chaung as well as their opinion on the Seven Road Map planning, laid and guided by military government.

After answering all the questions, they were asked to sign in the interrogation form. However, the members refused to sign anything, following the strict instructions directed by the Central NLD Party. Instead, they wrote a letter, saying their statements were the genuine answers of the questions being asked to them.

Dr Aung Moe Nyo criticized authorities' action, saying ,"To throw faeces at someone who is going to give respect to the National Independence Day ceremony and shoot pellets is the most inhumane action. It was the most thuggish behaviour. No one in their right mind would even think of doing such things."

"It is most disappointing to see 'authorities' who are supposed to be working on peace and development of the nation, behaving and acting more like thugs and criminals,"

"It is also a tragedy for the country and very worrying for its future. The public, who heard the news couldn't believe how low the authorities behaviour would go", said the Doctor, who is also the MP of Pwint Hpyu. "There was no respect to the country's infrastructure, no respect or honour towaeds each other and no shame. It is an extremely sad situation", he added.

To stop the members crossing the river to Ye Nan Chaung, Pwint Hpyu authorities closed the jetty all day on 3 January, which caused other travellers to suffer and boatmen and oarsmen lost their day's income, he explained.

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