Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Burma Is Definitely Peaceful And Developing.... But Let Me Die In Singapore

Why Myanmar Generals, Members of State Peace and Development Council, Want To Die In Singapore

1) They are barred in the West. They prefer and can easily afford to fly out to US, UK or Australia in private jets but being genocidal criminals they are not allowed to enter such countries. They are also welcome in China and Russia but the Generals think hospitals there may be a bit too dirty and wouldn't possibly wish to have their last breath there. Singapore is clean enough, efficient and more importantly, they don't mind Myanmar's black money (covered in civilian blood).

2) Myanmar also boasts some good standard private hospitals such as Bahosie and Royal Asia which have long lists of consultants and specialist, with international qualifications. But the Generals find it very hard to trust the civilians. They don't even trust the doctors and nurses at the Military Hospital.

3) As they are suffering from fatal heart attack or organ failure, the Generals feel that they are getting closer to hell, despite all the worshipping and donations made to cover up their terrible crimes. By flying abroad, they at least feel that they are actually half way to heaven, to start with.

4) Singapore is also an easy meeting point for the Generals' extended family members to come and say their last good-bye, before discreetly slipping back into their now permanent residents - The Western Democratic Countries.

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