Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Myint Naing, Assistant Attorney General

"Considering the leader of said group is Assistant Attorney General U Myint Naing. He is always advising to insane Than Shwe. If Than Shwe is doing wrong, U Myint Naing convinces him that he is right. He is guiding insane old man into the deep hell. He is the one dutifully preparing seal envelope for judges instructing what sentences to be read out. No matter how good of the attorney plead, whether the Judge convincing the innocent of accuses or not, sentence is pre-arranged by U Myint Naing and everything is according to the pleasure of insane Than Shwe. Thousands of political prisoners, General Khin Nyint’s subordinates, former Custom Department Director General and subordinates, all were end up in jail with unbelievable tens to hundreds years sentences that real culprit behind that case advising for long jail terms is U Myint Naing."


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